The Painter’s Palate

I made a lovely cranberry and vodka cocktail with fresh lime juice for my lady last night to accompany our delicious meal.

A savory stew made from Bison slider’s was on our menu.

Cranberry cocktail

I made stew from these!

The stew had a very savory and earthy flavor.

Made with fresh parsley, dill, and thyme.

Lot’s of savouries too; like carrots, celery, scallions, garlic and a bay leaf. After simmering a bit I added some Worcestershire sauce and a splash of Sherry vinegar. Then I added my fresh herbs, a plum tomato and chopped up bison, simmered a bit more, then tossed in some fresh broccoli. I then warmed it through making sure I didn’t overcook the fresh broccoli, and Wham!! I served it over some spiced up brown rice, cooked in our rice cooker.

Yum Food!! Yum Art!!


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