I think the earliest foodie memory I have is of my parents allowing myself and my little sister Brenda to have what seemed like free range (like little chickens) in the kitchen. They waited patiently at the dinner table while my sister and I dove into our modest pantry full of McCormick spices…that most likely we’re out of date (mom wasn’t much of a cook) and create for them our first meal. I was experiencing my very first out of body, creative,  foodie experience at the age of 10?( scratch scratch maybe?)  anyhow, we put in a large pot some kind of rice and corn concoction, I guess a stew of sorts.We put every spice and herb we could get our little hands on, to test out in one pot! Then we served them with big toothless smiles on our little cherub faces, and waited breathlessly for our parents feedback. Of course, they just raved about how delicious it was and ate away!!  Smiling the whole time! The rest is history…


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