I saw you stand up

You are a mountain

You are an eagle

You are this pen

I saw in your eyes

the world, they spoke to me

Of “forever”

the time that passes

through one’s pupils and into another’s

I saw the vastness of the black universe spill

into someone’s coffee cup

and they drank, and you

you stood there, a rock unmoved

It was as powerful as this moment


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The dark side of diet soda

Here is a great article I found on why diet soda is and soda in general is (in my opinion) so bad for human consumption!

Read on…

Let’s face it, we all feel that we need to cut calories at some point in our lives. And, we look for any avenue we can to make that cut.  As you may know, the beverages that we drink each day – juice, sodas, lattes and energy drinks – contain a good amount of sugar.  So, why not opt for the “diet” option of these drinks that contain no (or less) calories.

Whether you are a Coke or Pepsi person, you have no doubt heard all of the hype about the risks of drinking diet soda. Does it, in fact make you gain weight?  Are artificial sweetners safe?  Weighing the risks of drinking these no-calorie beverages can get you a little confused.  They tell you to watch your calories, so you opt for a no calorie drink, right?  But are the risks associated with drinking this care-free beverage worth it?

Stacey Kuhns, MD, a family medicine physician with Whiteland Medical Associates for Progressive Health, explains that although diet sodas contain no calories, there have been studies that show that drinking diet soda can cause weight gain – which may sound a bit like an oxymoron, right?

“Weight gain caused by diet sodas is speculated to occur through two mechanisms. First, it stimulates the appetite. When a person consumes diet soda it tastes sweet.  Therefore, the body starts to make insulin in anticipation of the glucose (sugar) that is coming. However, since there is no true sugar in diet soda, the blood sugar level starts to drop which stimulates the appetite. Hence, we eat more when we drink diet soda.”

“The second way diet soda can cause weight gain is through the increased toxic burden it puts on our bodies,” adds Kuhns.  “There are no ‘whole foods’ found in diet soda.  This means that it is essentially made up of all chemicals that are not ‘natural’ for us to consume.  Your body recognizes artificial sweeteners as a toxin and moves to store it to the safest place in the body which is fat tissue. Your body then attempts to dilute the chemical with water, causing added water weight in the body.”

So, should we cut soda out of our diet all together?

“Soda should be drank in moderation and only a couple times per week,” warns Kimberly Knipe, registered dietitian at The Chester County Hospital. “A can of regular soda can contain the equivalent of 10 teaspoons of sugar.  So, if you drink regular soda, I would prefer you drink diet instead.  Artifical sweatners are safe in moderation and contain less calories.  However, the ideal beverage for anyone, whether they are on a diet or not, is water.”

“Water is alkalizing and anti-inflammatory to the body,” explains Kuhns, “unlike soda – diet or regular – which is acidifying and inflammatory to the body.  To someone who is an avid soda drinker, water may sound boring.  Spice up your water with a sprig of mint or a slice of lemon or lime. For a more subtle flavor, try a slice or two of cucumber or a frozen strawberry.”

“Just like any habit, it is best to reduce the consumption of soda slowly,” says Knipe.  “I suggest a four step program.  First, you have to commit to the goal of cutting back on your soda consumption. Then, if you are drinking regular soda, gradually switch to diet soda. Ultimately, begin drinking caffeine-free soda. Caffeine, in fact, is mildly addictive which makes soda such a hard habit to break. Decrease the number of caffeinated drinks you have each day as you work toward kicking the soda habit completely. Finally, take the step to become a ‘non-soda drinker’ by choosing healthy alternatives as your beverage of choice.”

This message brought to you by The Chester County Hospital and Health System.

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” That day “


when the light of the day sits

pensive and dull

you begin to mourn

the flowers

that yesterday sang

brilliant hues of red and violet

and the spray of ocean

waters burned salt into

your eyes, and you cried

not because you

mourned the day

but because the sky was

seamless blue and the day

held you suspended

in warm light.


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“Just the meat and cheese please”


Today is the first day I will share my poetry with you.

My first poem will be, of course, about food!

“Just the meat and cheese please”

on some days you just ramble

and you think

is this crap any good?

or is it just crap?

but then again

it’s like the times you just want

only the meat and cheese

on pumpernickel please !

no accoutrements, no special sauce

no tomatoes, no lettuce or onions

and no fancy baby greens,

i’ll have,

just the meat and cheese

on pumpernickel please !

hungry for the simple goodness

of a fresh sandwich, you dig in.


now that’s a good sandwich.

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Turkey noodle soup

Just getting my turkey carcass into a pot to make some earthy soulful kick ass turkey noodle soup! I know what your thinking…how gross! You’re just now getting around to boiling your carcass!! BUT, no way folks, I threw that puppy into the freezer on thanksgiving day, AND waited ’till we we’re clean outta any leftover’s before cracking open the freezer and throwing my yummy carcass into a big pot.