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” Early Mourning in Palestine

Oil on canvas

by, Jay Mora-Shihadeh

I have decided to integrate my website with thepainterspalate blog. I will be shutting down my artist’s website,  and solely using this blog to post and display all of my artwork, so now you will see the whole scope of creativity in one place.  This painting was created by myself as a tribute to my Palestinian heritage, and as a statement of the ongoing struggle of the Palestinians for peace, freedom and self-determination. I hope you enjoy!

Yum food! Yum Art! 

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Inside the Artist's Mind

Hot Sake and Spring rolls


And this! Were great starters for our yummy Vietnamese dinner at our local Hibachi Saigon joint.
We had Bo Vien (beef ball soup)

And Vermicilli Bun with Tofu, fantastic stuff!

We were stuffed but felt very healthy and energized by our delicious meal.
They had nice and attentive staff and some great little murals for a touch of ambience to help forget we we’re dining in our local strip mall!



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