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My Sister Thinks I’m a Freak

my sister thinks I’m a freak

since childhood

her coldness has wafted about

hung in the air

stench blank and distant stare

steeled  defiance

like the sharp pointed tip of a knife

her judging disapproval

stabs at the walls with a loud

screeching silence

fool-hearted and on the brink of

some kind of manufactured insanity

spewing and churning out

a patented righteousness

a seal that blights my world

with hopes to unfurl

that freakiness she finds so disarming


she leaves me wondering…

after all these years, how did we relate?

speechless words

grating gratuities

our bloodlines deflated, flattened

in fact

yearning for some elusive return

of a closeness never had

never shared

never spoken

yet, always wanted.

©Jay Mora-Shihadeh





family, Memories, Poetry, Transgender artist

Poetry about my beloved grandmother, Tateh.

Poetry reblog from 2012 about my grandmother

The Artist From The Inside Out

Tateh and CeDe ( my grandfather) circa 1937

Our Storyteller

Upon the landscape of your face

tumbling from the folds of your laughing brow

and between the creases of your weathered jowl

I see the history of Palestine.

I see children playing under olive trees, and goats

grazing on grass. Your eyes sparkle and sing, as though

you were still a child running through the dusty

rock strewn roads of Ramallah.

You are laughing with your little sister, escaping

from the neighborhood boys you were teasing; taunting.

Perhaps one of them a young Hanna Shihadeh, our grandfather;

at least these are the stories you told us.

I delighted, relished every word you spoke

of your life. I saw magic in your eyes

when you enchanted our hearts

with your stories of Palestine.

You – solid, sturdy and present.

You – soft, strong and pliant.

You –…

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Dessert-ish Pizza on Khubz

You may ( or may not) recall my last post on my first time making Khubz, the Arabic flat bread my family grew up eating. If not go back and check it out. I mentioned how I would create some yummy new creations utilizing the Khubz. Well I made a delicious dessert-like pizza using peanut butter, banana and cinnamon sugar. The peanut butter was my base and I sprinkled liberal amounts of the cinnamon sugar on top of sliced banana’s and into the toaster oven/or broiler it went to carmelize the top of it and get it nice and charred. It was ah-mazing! I loved it and will put it on my recipe list to use again and again. The shape resembled the state of Florida a bit, or the continent of Africa.

Don’t be afraid to let it char so it can get gooey and carmelized. The char adds a balanced, slight bitterness to the sweetness of the sugar. So good!

I sliced it into smaller slices and devoured it with a cup of coffee.

The banana will become hot adding to the sweet flavor making it a tasty and somewhat healthier version of dessert, or a good hearty breakfast treat.

Now on to more scrumptious khubz creations!


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