Spine art

This is an abstract I created called “Spinal”, probably representative of  how my back felt one day! Part of my Yin Yang series. Oil pastel on watercolor paper. Guess I was feeling better this day!  Haha.  I gave this one to my Chiropractor. (no seriously, I did)  It is simply called “Spine” Yum Food!! Yum … Continue reading

A star is born…and eaten!

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This is, believe it or not, the first time I bought and ate a Starfruit! Here he shines in my crudite’ with guacamole. Sounds odd but I’ll eat anything with guacamole. I used the rest of him in an eggplant stew to add a bit of tart sweetness to the pot. Very good. That is … Continue reading


Ying Yang art

I am of the belief that creating art is a very personal experience; as is the viewing of art. This “Ying Yang series”  of oil pastels that   I’ve created came from my personal experience that with everything I do,  feel,  or participate in as a human being,  there is a keen awareness  of my opposite or alter ego —  my shadow-self or spirit.  I believe that we are never alone and … Continue reading



Angel I was thinking you might like this the beauty in this the soft delicate mood the colors crying out loud etched upon the wall scratches to remind us of the light and how it warms our cold nights how the light dances an easy slow waltz smooth silk like ripples across your body fevered … Continue reading

Universal Day and Night


“Universal Day and Night”   ( oil pastel)   Tonight grab a handful of stars throw them into the wind and listen for your song the twilight ignites and dances a tarantella for you and your love take note of their steps for they are quick and burn fast. by, Jeanette Shihadeh © [Jeanette Shihadeh] and [thepainterspalate.wordpress.com], … Continue reading

“Just the meat and cheese please”


Today is the first day I will share my poetry with you.

My first poem will be, of course, about food!

“Just the meat and cheese please”

on some days you just ramble

and you think

is this crap any good?

or is it just crap?

but then again

it’s like the times you just want

only the meat and cheese

on pumpernickel please !

no accoutrements, no special sauce

no tomatoes, no lettuce or onions

and no fancy baby greens,

i’ll have,

just the meat and cheese

on pumpernickel please !

hungry for the simple goodness

of a fresh sandwich, you dig in.


now that’s a good sandwich.

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