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Pyramids and Triangles

This is an ArtDesign abstraction of my original mixed media piece below. It is created in  the instagram layout app.

original triangle and Pyramid

©Jay Mora-Shihadeh


Heart and Forest Oil Paintings merged into an ArtDesign
Art, Artist, Transgender artist

Have a Heart it’s the Best way to be!

I love people who lead their life from their heart. I try, well really, I feel at my best when I listen to my heart and lead a life from a place of love. I think we all come into this life feeling our way with our heart, for the most part. Don’t you? I mean, yes, it’s true some lead more with their brains and all of that good stuff, but… don’t you FEEL better when you live a heart-felt life?

I create art from the heart. I know some artists whose vantage point begins from the objectivity of their minds. If I really dissected it, I believe you cannot separate your mind from your heart, and the sweet-spot is teetering, somewhere right in the middle! Teetering on that high you achieve when you are living a balanced existence, in the moment, in the flow, that sweet dance between your heart and mind, working simultaneously, creating the flow that we all strive for as artists.

My Oil painting “Heart” above came from a process of feeling the flow, extemporaneously and impulsively. I typically begin a painting by haphazardly throwing caution to the wind and lobbing some paint onto my canvas, pushing it around until I see color, shape or form that peaks my interest. I work spontaneous and for the most part, fast.

I took a couple of my oil paintings, Heart and Forest, and merged them into an “ArtDesign” in the layout App from Instagram. I feel making art and writing has a way of keeping me in constant re-invention or re-vision. It pleases my need to satiate my excessive and constant desire for stimulation of the mind. I love the journey, the adventure, the discovery. Ultimately it’s the process I am hooked on. I’m sure many of you can relate.

I love when I work in oil paints. I love the viscous thick feeling of oil paint. It feels alive and it responds in a physical, almost alive manner, or – to my physicality the best. However, it can become challenging to wait for it to dry. So, for this I like to switch between both Oils and Acrylics. The quick drying time of acrylic allows for my fast spontaneous art and the more physical and demanding nature of oils satisfies the need for a longer adventure. Similar to short content verses long form content in writing.

We need both experiences from time to time. At least I do to feel balanced and whole.

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"Abstract Divide"

Oil on Canvas

 Painting and Poetry 

Dabbing and jabbing

colorful words grabbing

the canvas


relieving, my creativity


the experiences

of my life


hitting the paper

not stopping

mixing and blending





memories pretending

too vast


slipping into the past

never too late

hit the page

in great feverish debate


pictorial landscapes

to date

poetry; painting



dream catching


utterly entrancing


upon the plate




brush rotating


great strokes of


straightening the canvas


reaching for


escaping then


words soaring


fury circling

the canvas


but never leaving.

This poem expresses the feelings and thoughts I often experience while I am in the creative process of painting, or writing poetry.

The painting I did was sold at an auction to benefit a friend and coworker who was diagnosed with breast cancer.

It is called, “Abstract Divide” ,  oil on canvas.  Since then, the friend is doing wonderful, living a full and enriched life!

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Art, Poetry

For the Love of Art: Painting and Poetry

Inside the Artist's Mind finds new home! Enjoy…

” Early Mourning in Palestine

Oil on canvas

by, Jay Mora-Shihadeh

I have decided to integrate my website with thepainterspalate blog. I will be shutting down my artist’s website,  and solely using this blog to post and display all of my artwork, so now you will see the whole scope of creativity in one place.  This painting was created by myself as a tribute to my Palestinian heritage, and as a statement of the ongoing struggle of the Palestinians for peace, freedom and self-determination. I hope you enjoy!

Yum food! Yum Art! 

© Jay Mora-Shihadeh

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