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Dessert-ish Pizza on Khubz

You may ( or may not) recall my last post on my first time making Khubz, the Arabic flat bread my family grew up eating. If not go back and check it out. I mentioned how I would create some yummy new creations utilizing the Khubz. Well I made a delicious dessert-like pizza using peanut butter, banana and cinnamon sugar. The peanut butter was my base and I sprinkled liberal amounts of the cinnamon sugar on top of sliced banana’s and into the toaster oven/or broiler it went to carmelize the top of it and get it nice and charred. It was ah-mazing! I loved it and will put it on my recipe list to use again and again. The shape resembled the state of Florida a bit, or the continent of Africa.

Don’t be afraid to let it char so it can get gooey and carmelized. The char adds a balanced, slight bitterness to the sweetness of the sugar. So good!

I sliced it into smaller slices and devoured it with a cup of coffee.

The banana will become hot adding to the sweet flavor making it a tasty and somewhat healthier version of dessert, or a good hearty breakfast treat.

Now on to more scrumptious khubz creations!


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